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📍 Pandu Chatbot

Pandu Chatbot is the Smart Environment solution to a Smart City

Python PostgreSQL OpenWeatherMap API Zomato API Google Maps API

Last updated July 23 2018

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☁️ piWeatherman

Raspberry Pi Weather Station (No sensors required).

Python OpenWeatherMap API Python Tkinter Raspberry Pi

Last updated June 19 2018

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🍅 Zomathon

Python's Zomato API Wrapper / Module.

Python Zomato API

Last updated June 12 2018

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💿 SpotLit Web App

Music Suggester App that discovers new songs and playlist with a simple recommendation algorythm.

HTML CSS JavaScript Python Spotify API

Last updated May 13 2018

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📨 PyMail

Mail Client using Python's SMTPLib and Flask (Just for Experimental).

HTML CSS JavaScript Python

Last updated April 23 2018

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📝 Ipsum Chrome Extension

Dummy Text Generator Chrome Extension (WIP).

HTML CSS JavaScript

Last updated April 21 2018

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📚 typeDef File Wiki

A terminal wiki for file types and extensions.


Last updated April 6 2018

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🚀 Solar Scroller

Scroll through the Solar system (quite accurate).


Last updated April 24 2018

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🐍 dotPython LINE Chat Course

Python Chat Course in LINE Messenger by dotLearn.

Python LINEBot SDK Heroku

Last updated March 31 2018

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🤖 PyLINE Bot

Simple LINE Bot Template created by reopucino, maintained and updated regularly by me.

Python LINEBot SDK

Last updated March 11 2018