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Python Coding Livestream | YouTube

Joined a community of Python Developers Juniors to Masters where they share some explainations and code snippets via Livestream

Python YouTube Live Coding

Last updated July 4 2018

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Raspberry Pi Weather Station |

A step by step guide of creating your very own Weather Station at home. You can choose to use sensors or just use an API to collect data.

Python Tkinter Weather API Tutorial IoT

Last updated June 30 2018

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Devlog Series | YouTube

Catch me and my project on my developer log.

Student Developer Life Adventure Vlogging Devlog

Last updated June 19 2018

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Coding Is? | YouTube

Just sharing my thoughts on Coding, its been a great 3 years when I started.

Coding Inspirational Motivation Collaboration

Last updated March 20 2018

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Creating your first LINE Bot | Medium

If you live somewhere in Asia, you might’ve heard of or even use LINE Messenger on a daily basis. Now what I want to introduce to you and what makes LINE Messenger different from its competitors are “Official Accounts”. Official Accounts are Accounts that can be created by a company or even individuals to mass-send messages to users who have become friends with their accounts, and also receiving post articles and more.


Last updated February 8 2018

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How to choose a Linux Distro | Medium

For those of you who uses Linux as their daily driver, you earned yourself a cookie. But for those who wants to start using Linux, I present to you this short guide to diving right in the world of Linux and all its glory, so lets get started.

Linux Open Source Linux Distro

Last updated August 6 2017

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Open Source the world of Tommorow | Medium

Open Source is many things, it could be Technology, it could be Education or even Non Profit Organizations and Governments around the globe. But in this short-read article, we will discuss more about the idea of it and as example in the world of Technology because it is what made me love the idea.

Open Source OSS

Last updated June 30 2017